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Deliver rich, interactive creative across all devices and social networks at scale.

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Social Streams

Moontoast’s award winning Social Rich Media ad units allow brands to engage their target audience with deeply interactive experiences delivered via the social stream.  Each Social Rich Media ad unit renders responsively across every major social network and mobile device  - delivering powerful results and valuable insights.

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“Advertising in the News Feed is why we got so many people to see it live, and it was…a game changer.”

Vice President of Marketing

Activation Marketing Platform

Enabling brands to engage with audiences through Social Rich Media and reward advocates with incentives for promoting your brand’s products and services to their friends.

  • Attract

    Attract your customers and fans with engaging Social Rich Media across all devices and social networks.

  • Activate

    Activate brand advocates with mobile tools to promote your products and services to their friends.

  • Retain

    Retain loyal advocates with redeemable rewards points when they promote your products or services.

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News, Insights and Highlights from the World of Social Marketing

Canada just shrank, and nobody noticed

by David Hughes
July 24, 2014 at 1:15 PM

 The United States and Canada share an awful lot. Culture, history, geography. We share approximately 5,500 miles of border (land and water), and Canada, not China, remains the largest commercial trade partner for the US. …

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3 Ways To Create An Effective Social Mobile Ad

by Ryan Feeney
July 22, 2014 at 7:30 PM

 Getting an audience to click on an ad is a challenge marketers face every day. The share image, message and placement need to be attention-grabbing in order to get that initial interaction. The next step …

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