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The Anatomy of a Fan (Infographic)

by Tim Putnam
August 15, 2011 at 7:41 PM

Facebook “Likes” have become the unassuming links between people and brands. These hooks, along with convenient login options like Facebook Connect, are giving brands more insight into who their customers are. Here we take a look at the level of information a brand can access when people interact with them in different ways. We also look at the fans as ambassadors in the Fan Engagement Spectrum and we simplify EdgeRank.

Click the image below to see the infographic at full resolution.

  • Amy

    Looks great Moontoast!

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  • Amanda

    This is FANTASTIC!!

  • Caitlin

    Awesome Facebook infographic! Attractive visuals are always fun to share with others – Thanks!

  • Caitlin Evvard

    Love the infographic! It’s great for a quick lesson on “The Facebook Fan.” Thanks for sharing!

  • Agny

    Interesting analysis

  • Matbios


    There is a mistake here.When a Facebook user like my website, you can display Brand updates in FAN news feed !
    You just need to enter the Facebook user ID here : fb:admins” content=”"
    On your website, you forgot it ;)

  • Steven Finch

    Very nice infographic