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Passing a Drug Test for Marijuana with Fake Pee

Believe it or not, some people still fail drug tests even after using fake pee. Indeed, most people get busted when using fake pee. It is not all that easy. You need to play your cards very well if you are to pass a drug test using synthetic urine. Here are a few guidelines on how to pass a drug test for Marijuana with fake pee.

Prepare for the Test

Preparing for the test involves several things. First, get the right fake pee. Choose a best synthetic urine that has been meticulously formulated. Check this guide by Swift Detox for instance to see the best kits today that you can use to beat a drug test. It should be impossible to detect that it is actually fake pee. You may need to research widely and read user reviews to identify the synthetic pee brand that has a high success rating. Check the manufacturing and expiry dates to ensure that the fake pee is not expired.

Read the Manufacturer Instructions Carefully

Once you get the right fake pee, make sure that you use it strictly as instructed by the manufacturer. Give special attention to the instructions on warming the fake pee and keeping it at the normal human body temperature. Some brands need to be heated over a microwave a few minutes before they are presented. Others can be heated easily by keeping them under the armpits. The best ones come with heat activation powder that is added whenever the sample needs to be warmed. Whichever brand you have chosen, make sure that there is no temperature mismatch between the sample and your body temperature.

Practice the Test at Home

urinalysis labYou always have to practice how you will present your sample and how you will make sure that you are not busted while taking the test. It is not always easy to cheat professionals in drug testing. Therefore you need to practice adequately. For instance, imagine that you will be observed when producing your sample. How will you produce your fake pee without getting busted? What if you are not observed but the test administrators actually detect that your urine sample was fake? Draw a plan of getting the results that you are looking for whatever the situation. Give room for changes in your plans.

Get the Synthetic Urine Device or Fake Penis

This belt will be particularly useful if you take a supervised test. It is a device that is used to produce fake urine for a drug test. It comes in different colors so that you can choose the one that will be unnoticeable depending on your skin color. This way, as you squeeze the fake urine from the belt, the lab attendant will think that you are peeing naturally into the sample bottle.

Look for a Suitable Laboratory

Finally, look for a laboratory that will allow you to take the test at your own terms. For instance, you need a lab where you will be allowed to produce your sample secretly. Overall, you are looking for a lab that offers unsupervised drug tests. Consider yourself very lucky if you come across lab assistants who are not very strict with every single detail of the test.